Vietnam - V-League 05/07 10:00 13 Than Quang Ninh v Hoang Anh Gia Lai - CANC
Vietnam - V-League 05/02 10:00 12 [7] Binh Dinh v Than Quang Ninh [4] D 1-1
Vietnam - V-League 04/27 11:00 11 [3] Than Quang Ninh v Nam Dinh [6] L 0-1
Vietnam - V-League 04/16 12:15 10 [2] The Cong FC v Than Quang Ninh [3] L 2-1
Vietnam - V-League 04/11 12:15 9 [9] Ha Noi FC v Than Quang Ninh [2] L 4-0
Vietnam - V-League 04/07 11:00 8 [2] Than Quang Ninh v Sai Gon FC [12] W 1-0
Vietnam - V-League 04/03 11:00 7 Than Quang Ninh v Binh Duong W 1-0
Vietnam - V-League 03/28 11:00 6 [5] Hai Phong v Than Quang Ninh [2] W 0-2
Vietnam - V-League 03/24 11:00 5 [8] Than Quang Ninh v Thanh Hoa [13] W 2-0
Vietnam - V-League 03/18 10:00 4 [13] Song Lam Nghe An v Than Quang Ninh [2] L 1-0
Vietnam - V-League 03/14 11:00 3 [9] Than Quang Ninh v Ho Chi Minh City [7] W 2-0
Vietnam - V-League 01/24 11:00 2 [5] Than Quang Ninh v Da Nang [6] L 0-1

Wikipedia - Than Quang Ninh FC

Than Quang Ning Football Club (Vietnamese: Câu lạc bộ Bóng đá Than Quảng Ninh), simply known as Quang Ning or TQN, was a professional football club, based in Cẩm Phả, Quảng Ninh Province, Vietnam.

They last played in the V.League 1 in 2021 and were sponsored by Vinacomin. They were omitted from V-League competitions for 2022, after loss of their main sponsor and other financial difficulties.


On April 24, 1956, the Party Committee of Hồng Quảng gathered a number of young men who knew how to play football to form the Hong Quang Youth Football Team'.

In 1963, after Hong Quang and Hai Ninh merged into Quảng Ninh, the team was then renamed to "Quang Ninh Youth Football Team".

In 1990, the team was renamed to Quang Ninh Workers' Football Team, having promoted with national strong teams. After the end of the second national football tournament of strong teams in 1991, Quang Ninh Workers and Hanoi Youth teams and Thanh Hoa Police Football Team were relegated, Quang Ninh Workers' football team was dissolved. In 1994, the team was re-established with the new name "Ha Long Workers' Football Team".

In 1996, Vietnamese football organized a classification tournament, the team with the new name "Quang Ninh Workers' Club" won the right to compete in the 1997 national second division (equivalent to the first division in the period from 2000 to 2001 season onwards).

From the 1997 to 1999 season, the team competed in the National Second Division, after the 1999-2000 new classification season of Vietnamese football, the team won the right to play in the First Division. At the end of the 2000-01 National First Division football season, the team ranked 12/12 and was relegated to the national second place. After the Vietnam National Second Division Football Championship 2001–02, Quang Ninh continued to be relegated to the Third Division.

In the two seasons of 2003 and 2004, Than Quang Ninh played in the National Third Division and was only promoted to the National Second Division in 2005. In the following season, the team won the runner-up and promoted to the First Division Football League in 2007. From then until the end of the 2013 football season, Than Quang Ninh played in the national first division.

The team started competing in the V.League in 2014 after winning the first place runner-up in the previous season. In 2016, the team won the championship for the first time in 2016 Vietnamese Cup against the opponent Hanoi T&T in the final. In the same year, the team went on to win for the first time in 2016 Vietnamese Super Cup on Hang Day stadium against the opponent Hanoi FC (former name Hanoi T&T) with the score 3-3 (4–2 in the penalty shootout).

In 2017, Than Quang Ninh attended the group stage for the first time 2017 AFC Cup. In 2019, Than Quang Ninh won the bronze medal for the first time in V.League.

On August 25, 2021, Than Quang Ninh team had to stop working and terminate all players. With a series of players Than Quang Ninh requested the team's leadership to pay their salaries on time did the team announce that it would temporarily suspend operations for there was no money left to pay the team members' incomes. The club's president Pham Thanh Hung also admitted that the club owed the players more than 70 billion VND but was unable to pay. The team's officials then wrote a request for help to the authorities of Quang Ninh province but received no response. Having no choice, they were forced to suspend all club activities for a year to wait for the province to receive the team back.

In 2022, they were officially banned by FIFA, AFC and VFF from participating in V.League.

Il Than Quảng Ninh Football Club, noto semplicemente come Than Quảng Ninh, è una società calcistica vietnamita con sede a Cẩm Phả, nella provincia di Quảng Ninh. Milita nella V-League 1, la massima serie del campionato vietnamita.

Il club è stato fondato nel 1956 come Công nhân mỏ Quảng Ninh (Lavoratori della miniera di Quảng Ninh). Nel 1995 ha assunto il nome attuale. Nel 2013 ha vinto il suo primo titolo nazionale, la V-League 1.

Il Than Quảng Ninh gioca le partite casalinghe allo Sân vận động Cẩm Phả, che ha una capacità di 18.000 spettatori.

I colori sociali del club sono il rosso e il nero.

Il Than Quảng Ninh ha partecipato a diverse competizioni internazionali, tra cui l'AFC Champions League e l'AFC Cup.

Il club è noto per la sua forte tifoseria, che è una delle più numerose e appassionate del Vietnam.