Argentina - Primera D Metropolitana

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The Primera D is one of two leagues that form the fifth division of the Argentine football league system. Made up of 11 clubs from Buenos Aires Province, the league is the only one that remains amateur. The other league at level five is the Torneo Federal C, where teams from regional leagues take part.

It was created in 1950 under the name "Tercera de Ascenso" ("third level of promotion"). The first champion was Liniers. In 1962 the tournament changed its name to "Primera de Aficionados", which lasted to 1974, when it was called "Primera D", which has remained to date.

Since the restructuring of the league system in 1986, the division became the fifth category of Argentine football (lower than Primera División, Primera B Nacional, Primera B Metropolitana and Primera C).

In 2023 its last edition will be held because from 2024, the category will be unified with the Primera C in a single tournament.